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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sony VAIO SVS15 Driver install/setup Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 download drivers

Sony VAIO SVS15 Driver installation Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7, download drivers
Manual installation of the drivers of Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 on a series laptops Sony VAIO SVS15 what to do when hot keys do not work. When installing drivers on Sony VAIO important to follow the correct sequence for the installation of these drivers in order to avoid trouble with the function keys: volume, brightness, input switching, and others.
SVS15112C5E, SVS1511A4E, SVS1511C5E, SVS1511F4R, SVS1511L3ES, SVS1511M3EW, SVS1511N3ES, SVS1511Q9EB, SVS1511R9ES, SVS1511S3RB, SVS1511S9ES, SVS1511T9EB, SVS1511T9ES, SVS1511U9ES, SVS1511V9EB, SVS1511V9ES,  SVS1511V9RB, SVS1511W9EB, SVS1511X9EB, SVS1511X9RB, SVS1512C5E, SVS1512S1ES, SVS1512U1RW, SVS1512V1ES,  SVS1512V1RB, SVS1512V9ES, SVS1512X1RB, SVS1512X9EB, SVS1512Z1ES, SVS1512Z9EB, SVS1512Z9RB, SVS1513A4E,  SVS1513B4E, SVS1513C4E, SVS1513C5E, SVS1513D4E, SVS1513L1ES, SVS1513L1EW, SVS1513M1EB, SVS1513M1ES, SVS1513M1EW, SVS1513M1RB, SVS1513M1RW, SVS1513V9EB, SVS1513V9RB, SVS1513X9EB, SVS1513X9RB, SVS1513Z9EB, SVS1513Z9ES,SVS15113FXB,SVS15113FXS,SVS15115FXB,SVS15116FXB,SVS15116FXS,SVS15118FXB,SVS151190X,SVS1511AGXB,SVS1511BFXB,SVS1511CFXB,SVS1511DGXB,SVS1511EGXB,SVS1511GFYB,SVS1511HGXB,SVS1511JFXB,SVS15123CXB,SVS15123CXS,SVS15125CXB,SVS15125CXW,SVS15127PXB,SVS151290X,SVS1512ACXS,SVS1512DCXB,SVS1512EPXB,SVS1512GPXB,SVS1513AGXB,SVS1513BGXB
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The process of installing the drivers for Sony Vaio laptops are characterized by its complexity. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the proven and working instructions to install the drivers for this model.

To successfully install and guaranteed work Fn buttons and getting the maximum duration of the work required to comply with strict sequence of installing the drivers and utilities are already noticeable.

Installation Instructions for Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7:
0. BIOS R0143C5.0907
1. Chipset Driver  (Intel)
2. SATA driver (Intel)
2.1. SATA Driver (Intel) ZPODD Disable Registry
2.2. ME Driver (Intel)
3. Graphics Driver (Intel)
3.1. Graphics Driver (Intel)
4. Graphics Driver (NVIDIA)
5. Graphics Driver (NVIDIA)
6. Memory Card_Reader Writer Driver (Realtek)
7. Bluetooth Driver (Atheros)
7.1. Bluetooth Driver (Atheros)
7.2. Bluetooth Driver (Intel)
8. Wireless LAN Driver (Intel)
8.1. Wireless LAN Driver (Atheros)
8.2. Wireless LAN Driver (Intel)
8.3. Sony Wireless State Device Driver for 64bit
9. Wireless Display Driver (Intel)
10. 8UPG FingerPrint (Authentec)
11. Pointing Driver (Synaptics)
12. VAIO Control Center(win8upgVer) updater
12.1. VAIO Control Center Updater 6.00
13. Battery Check Updater 5.0
14. VAIO Power Management Updater 6.0
15. VAIO Smart Network Update 3.12
16. VAIO Hardware Diagnostics Win8 Updater
17. VAIO Update 6.0 ( Windows8 Upgrade) 6.0
18. VAIO Collaboration

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